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Energy Efficient Solutions & Renewable Energy Consulting in Dallas & Plano, Texas

Envirohome offers energy audits and evaluations, alongside home insulation, solar panel consulting, and other energy efficient solutions!


ENVIROHOME is changing the way Americans conserve and produce energy one home at a time. If you’re ready to be the most efficient home on the block it’s time to give us a call. We will lead you to the best products and solutions for your unique situation and home.

What makes us different

Just as a doctor must conduct an examination prior to making a diagnosis, our energy efficiency consultants must also spend time and gather information prior to suggesting solutions. We will ask questions about your home and ask you to share details about comfort issues you may be experiencing. We will also ask you about the changes and solutions you have already implemented to improve the efficiency or comfort of your home. We will have you give us a tour of your home where we will make a visual assessment using a thermal imaging camera to help identify problem areas. Only then are we equipped to make suggestions and offer up solutions.

why choose us

Through a relationship with us you will gain a better understanding of how to put additional money in your family’s pocket month in and month out while making a positive impact on our economy, our community and also our environment. Contact us today and take that first step into a more profitable and efficient future.

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